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EccoExe NaturAL has its seat in Lima and existed since 1995 as a manufacturer and exporter of clothing of alpaca wool and knitted toys in cotton Our product range includes ladies´s and men´s outwear, knitted accessories, children sweaters, knitted finger puppets and dolls. Our vision is to offer our customers the possibility of developing a relationship with the environment and of showing their individuality in agreement with nature and social responsibility.

We understand ourselves also as an enterprise with social responsibility. Since 1987 EccoExe is forming female in developing knitted toys and fashion in alpaca wool. Therefore we adapt our production processes in such a way that disadvantaged women can work both in our training/production location and at home. These flexible working conditions allow them to be at home attending their obligations as (mostly) single mothers. So far we have trained more than 2,000 women. The learning of this activity enables these disadvantaged women employment, development, and to increase their self-confidence . They are mainly women emigrated from the Andean region that are now living in the periphery of the capital, Lima.

Our mission is not only to provide training and work, we offer them and their children medical treatment. We organize frequently courses and seminars about hygiene, disease prevention and nutrition in collaboration with psychologists , doctors and.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with European standards. ( (GOTS-Certification, TÜV, Oeko-Tex© Standard 100). We use only material with quality and guarantee such as alpaca and cotton (also organic). All products are manufactured under strict quality control. Dyes are according to European regulations and standards of sustentability and environmental care (Azofree, free of heavy metals and prohibited amines).
For many years we are supplying Fair Trade importers such as El Puente, DW shop in Germany. We are regularly reviewed by these companies that our production conditions correspond to the Fairtrade standards.


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